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Comment tag optimization

Using Keywords in comments & placing comment tag near body opening tag (<body> ) will improve your ranking slightly - Caution : Don't spam it

What is HTML comment tag -

Comments are useful to mark a section of the code ,this will improve the readability of your html code .

As the introduction of WYSWYG editors (What You See What You Get ) like MS frontpage & dreamweaver the comments are rarely used ,but still people use comments tag to improve thier search engine ranking by creating a keyword rich comment & placing it immediately after <body> tag .

Syntax - <!--Your comments here -->

This tag can be placed anywhere on your page - after <html> or before </html>

For the purpose of improving keyword relevancy you can place comment tag in the body of your web page ,ie ( between <body > </ body > )

Some thing like this - the following comment used to mark the begining of adsense script ,a keyword too added in the comment .

e.g. : <!-- web promotion tutorial's adsense code starts here -->

The text placed inside the comment tag is not visible in the browser .So comment tags became a tool to spam search engines , this made search engines to reduce the importance of comment tags .

If you write a comment tag keeping in mind that the real purpose of comment tag is to increase the readability of html code ( earlier days the html pages were hard coded using notepad ) to avoid confusion . But now so many WYSIWG ( What you See is WHat you Get ) Html editors available , but still comment tags are used for marking begriming& ending of navigation code or some Java scripts etc ..

Comment tags are very useful if you have graphic rich or no text page to optimize . In such cases you can depend on Comment tag & Image alt Tags for making your page relevant to targeted keyword by including that keyword in your comment or Image ALT .

Writing a good comment tag

You can use comment tag to mark sections of your web page , & if it can be justified you can add your important keywords in comment .

If our targeted keyword is "Blue widget "

<html >

<Head >

<body >

<!--blue widget product navigation begins here-->

Navigation menu

<!--blue widget product navigation ends here-->


How to Insert a comment tag using Dreamweaver

Insert > Text Objects > comment

A comment window will pop up - enter your comments in that text box & click OK

Exercise :

Look at the source code of ranking webpages & check any keyword optimized comments used . ( press ctrl + f - type 'comment' in search box )

How to view the source code of a web page .

Internet Explorer

View > source



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