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The art of Ethical SEO Copy writing

What is mean by seo copy writing ? -

The aim of SEO copy writing is to communicate effectively with the visitor for maximum conversion rates ( make visitor to purchase your product or service ) & create content relevant to the targeted keywords for achieving top rankings in search engines like Google ,Yahoo & MSN .

I assume that you know to write a convincing content for your visitor & have been selected your keywords - if not read our How to select keyword article .

Steps for Ranking SEO content

  1. Check for spelling & Grammer errors .
  2. Structure your content with headings h1 ,h2,h3,h4 .
  3. Around 400 - 700 words /page is good with 7- 10 % keyword density .
  4. Keep the file size of the page as low as possible .
  5. Don't forget to keep your keywords in your content .
  6. Use related words to your keywords in your content to increase relevancy to your content .
  7. Keep the Keywords in the Beginning ,center & end of the content ,remember it should look natural Don't spam .
  8. If its necessary you can put keywords in Bold or Italic style ,but only once
  9. Provide links to your related pages from with in the content or at the bottom of the page as related articles / topic .
  10. If your using tables , the order in which robots reading your page will be different from what the visitor seeing - Read Page Layout for more information . Use this "search engine simulation program to check your web page" .
  11. You can use some SEO software for checking the Keyword density & Keyword proximity of your competitors & follow the suit .

Copy writing is an art - Keep in mind SEO rules too .

1 . Spelling & grammer error free content

Aim : Error free content - stone less content for search engines to chew

Your content should be free from grammer & spelling errors - search engines will penalize sites with spelling errors because the search engines don't want their visitors to get exposed to a poor web page .

If you have grammatical errors your visitors will get confused about what you are saying & you will loose a prospective client immediately .

How to create spelling & grammer error free content

Most of the HTML editing software's have their on spelling checking tool ,I use dreamweaver to create pages .

Spell check in Dreamweaver

Shortcut - shift + F7 OR Go to text > Check Spelling

Using Microsoft word for Spelling & Grammer check

Cut & paste your content to Microsoft word ( you can use any text editors with spell & grammer check ) & check it there

Manual Grammer checking

It is better to avail the service of a professional copy writer to create content for your website ,if you are unable to write yourself .

2 . Structuring content with headings H1,H2,H3,H4 etc.

Structuring your content with headings

You have to structure the content with headings for better readability .Headings are the best place to put your keywords .Just notice how news papers & magazines structure their content with titles ,follow them ,one thing to remember - you have to follow the order of headings ,ie Don't keep h1 heading below h2 .

example :

<h1> Keyword 1 & keyword2 </h2>

Relevant content - keywords at its Beginning ,a short description of the page or some thing like that , be creative

<h2> Keyword 1</h2>

Relevant content.

<h3> highlight using related words to your keywords here </>

Relevant content

<h3> again relevant title or less important keywords</>

Relevant Content


Relevant content.

<h3> highlight using related words to your keywords here </>

Relevant content

<h3> again relevant title or less important keywords</>

Relevant Content

3.Number of words or length of web page .

The aim is to make content keyword relevant by limiting the number of words (other wise our content will get diluted with unrelated words ) & communicate effectively to the visitor .

Number of words 400 - 700 is ok ,if you can keep it near 500 it is the best ,while counting you have to count all the words including: is ,am ,are ,that ,but etc .

4. File Size of web page - keep below 50 kb

Web page file size

File size include size of your html code ,images ,any preloaded images ,java scripts or any other scripts embedded .

Small pages will load fast ,so keep the file size of your pages as low as possible ,use graphics only if they are unavoidable ,while creating pages think about persons using slow net connections ,if your page not loaded with in 6 or 7 seconds the visitor will close the browser window and will look for another fast loading site ,so check your sites loading time at different net connection speed .

Any how you can check the file size of ranked pages in google for your targeted keyword & keep your file size well below it .


Search engines can index file size up to 100 kb ,its better that keep file size as low as possible by optimizing your images .

5. Keywords - where to place them

The aim is to make the content keyword relevant to get top ranking for the targeted keyword with out distracting the visitor .

Place your keywords where search engine's look for them

Search engines give more importance to hot areas in your content

  • Beginning middle & end of the page
  • Headings
  • Comments
  • Starting of paragraphs
  • ALT image tags
  • Highlighted areas - ie Bold & italic

Keyword density -keep between 7 - 10 %

Keyword density = (Number of times a keyword repeated / total number of words ) * 100

Keyword proximity- how close your keyword to the Beginning of the content

e.g. : if your keyword is plasma tv

Know how to select a Plasma tv -- less proximity .

Plasma TV - How to select -- maximum proximity because plasma tv is close to the Beginning .

At the beginning of optimization you can keep the keyword density even below 7 % ,as if the page is not targeting any keywords ,after you start to appear in search results you can try increasing the keyword density step by step .While adding keyword Don't forget to increase the total number of words too otherwise it may look like spam ming .

6 .Outgoing links from the content .

The aim is to provide the visitor more clarification on the topic & weaving a strong theme based internal links for search engine rankings .

Links to another site : If you are linking to an outside site if possible place the link at the end of the page ,and check the PR of that Web site ,give only if they are highly reputable .

Link to another page in your Web site : Always provide links to your other related page whenever possible from with in the content & place links of related pages at the bottom of the content ,remember the anchor text of the links should contain the keyword relevant words or the keyword itself .

7 . Using relevant & related words in your content

Search Engines can not understand the meaning of words ,but they are programmed in such a way to identify the relevancy of the content to a Keyword by checking the theme of whole words .

If you are targeting a tourism related keyword including the following word will definitely increase your ranking - hotels ,lodges ,tourist ,travel packages,bed & breakfast ,backpack,car rentals - got it ??

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