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Domain Name Optimization

Domain name is the name of your Web site like www.webpromotiontutorials.com or the name that others type in to the browser's address bar to visit your Web site . Online business is identified by the domain name ,like google.com ,yahoo.com,ebay.com etc .

How domain name affect ranking in search engines.

1. Top Level Domain Name TLD - No significant effect

Parts of a Domain - www .example .com

.com is the TLD ( Top level Domain )

example is secondary level domain name ( SLD) ,if you add a sub domain to the above domain then it will looks like www.products.example.com ,here product is third level domain Name .

Some TLDs are .com ,.org,.info,.edu , .gov etc

Search engines give more importance to .edu & .gov domains but it may not be practical to booking a .gov domain name for your business ,its reserved for go vt .institutions .,but you can get link from .gov & .edu websites it can help you to climb up the SERP ladder .

Other TLDs are treated equally for ranking .

You can search for some keywords in Google & check the effect of TLDs in ranking .

2 .Keywords in Domain name will improve ranking

If your not worried about registering a domain name in your brand's name ,you can book domain names in the keywords related to your product .


You can use one or more keywords separated by - hyphen

Caution : Don't repeat the same keyword

Don't do like this www.home-home.com

How keywords in domain name affect ranking -A light push

Let us find answer for this my doing a search for the keyword ' Web site promotion '' .I choose this keyword because it is having high competition ,because SEO's ( Search Engine Optimization ) are competing for the ranking .

The result is here

You can find a site www.website-promotion-ranking-services.com is ranked in the first page , from this we can conclude that it is an effective method to increase search engine ranking & not how cleverly they placed their 4 keywords in the domain name - Web site promotion ,Web site ranking ,Web site ranking services ,Web site promotion services !!!

At the same time Websites with no keyword in their domain name also got ranked - yes because ranking depends on 100s of factors .

The point is that if you have a keyword in your domain name you will get a push in the rankings . Don't expect too much from this technique .

3 .Aging Factor & sandbox effect - Age of your domain - Older is better - Google likes old wine

Google favors old websites ,old websites can get better ranking than new websites .I think if your Web site is minimum 2 years old ,you will considered for good rankings ,so wait patiently & do the things for better ranking .

If you want to instantly get ranked its better you purchase an old domain name with out any black history of spamming .

The Sandbox effect :You are on probation honey !!

Google keeps new Web site's pages in a sandbox ,& wont assign you the deserved ranking . Sandbox can be considered as database of new websites ,after completing 4 months - 2 years in Sandbox it will allow your site to appear in search result pages .

Google suspicious about new websites because lot of spamming websites are around , they are stuffed with keyword rich text & they will vanish immediately . So google will not show new Web site in search results till they mature .

Sandbox effect like companies posting new recruits in probation period .

4 . DNS record changes - Name server changing ,Server changing - Bad for your rankings

Any frequent changes in the DNS records of your domain name - like transferring domain from one person to another ,Changing the hosting server ,there by changing the name server ,IP changing will adversely on your ranking .

Aging means how old is your domain name ,how many years over after registering the domain ,google give more importance to old domains . If you want to get instant ranking or out of sandbox consider buying an old domain .

5 . Booking domain Name for longer period can improve ranking ? ( No proof it affect ranking )

It is better if you book your domain name for a longer period instead of booking for one year & renewing every year .

Booking for 5 years or 10 years will give the impression that your Web site is a serious venture & be there for a long time ,there is a talk in the SEO circles that this can affect the ranking .

These are the major factors you have to take care while registering a domain name .


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