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HTML Heading tags H1,H2,H3,H4 ..Optimization

Heading shows the importance of a sentence ,if you wrap a sentence or words inside <h1> </h1> ,search engines will considered it as the most important sentence in your document .

The next priority is for h2 tag ,so this can be used to mark a sentence with lesser importance than h1.

These heading tags can be used to structure your page . You can group your content under this headings as per their importance . Have a look at News papers & magazines they very well group content under headings .

Optimizing HTML heading tag

  1. It is better to use only h1 tag ,if the content is too long then you can add one more h1.
  2. If your content is short you can avoid using h1 tag ,use h2 ,h3 ,h4
  3. Don't violate the priority of tags ,you can put a h2 heading below h1 but Don't insert h1 below h2 .
  4. Ensure that h1 heading contains your top most keywords
  5. Other tags may contain less important keywords or related words
  6. Keep the length of the heading short ,3- 4 words
  7. Don't repeat keywords only one keyword
  8. Place keywords at the beginning of heading
  9. Don't spam .
  10. Its better not to bold or italics your heading .

Place h1 tag at the beginning of your content .


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