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Your Hosting Server & Search Engine rankings

How to select a hosting server which will help in achieving high rankings in Google , MSN & Yahoo .

  1. Type of hosting & search engine ranking

There are two types of hosting

Dedicated hosting ( managed hosting ) - you are leasing a full server & you will be having unique IP , this type of hosting is good for big web sites because you can run customized applications which need more resources that shared hosting cant provide & it is expensive .

Shared hosting ( virtual hosting ) : In shared hosting more than one Web site share the server resources . Shared hosting can be of two types

a) Name based virtual hosting : All web sites hosted in the server will be having the same IP address

b ) IP based virtual hosting : Different web sites hosted will have different IP address .They share the same resources like disk space & processor but have different IP address .

How Hosting can affect search engine rankings

It is better to host your web site with unique IP address .

Dedicated hosting is the best due to following reason

High speed as its resources are not shared .Less down time due to less security risk.You will not be blamed for other web sites spam work .But the only disadvantage is that its costly .

Shared hosting - risky but economic .

Shared hosting is cheap as many sites share the same resources ,but if any one of the web sites spam or some black trick ,the IP will get banned & in effect all web sites in that server will get banned by search engines .

Conclusion : IP based virtual hosting - Economic & safe

If you have enough budget , go for dedicated server otherwise try shared hosting ; give first preference to IP based Virtual hosting as the web sites will have unique IP address ,even if you host in name based virtual hosting , host with reliable hosting provider .

Your Web site's speed depends on

The speed of the server
The data line connection speed of server

So while selecting your web host check for the speed of server & the type of data line used like Isdn ,t1 line etc .

Special server speed up programs to run your web application . PHP or other programming script .

Good speed server will confirm your top rankings in search engine .

Header files - Regular updating

Check your server’s header files which tell the search engines that when the Web site is updated with new content . The information in the server header files if not updated ,even if you add new content to the Web site ,the last updated date will be some thing different .

So up to date header files can bring you the search engines robots to your site .

Up time of your server - 100 % uptime is desirable for your Web site .

When a search engine robot tries to access your Web site& your Web site is not accessible due to server down ( server gets shutdown to technical problems ) .

Some times servers get down , during that period the web pages hosted on that site will not be available for the rest of the world .

Select a web host which have maximum UP time .



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