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HTML Image alt tag

In text only & image disabled browsers , the image ALT text will be displayed instead of image .

<img src="/img/webpro.jpg" alt="Your ALT tag here" width="160" height="64" border="0">

This is an example for Image Alt tag .

How to create image ALT tag for top ranking.

You can write a small description to the image first , then add your important keywords into that ALT text . Use your creativity . Limit the number of words between 6 - 10 .

There is nothing wrong in adding keywords into your image ALT ,because it is understood that images you are using in your pages will be related to the theme / or keywords of your page .So as the description to that image .

Keep in mind while writing ALT tag that , your are writing Image ALT for both search engine & image disabled browsers .

The first three image's IMG ALT tags are important for search engines .


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