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Improving Google page rank (PR)

What is page rank

Page rank is the Google's measure of page's importance , as your page rank increases your search engine rankings also will increase .

Google pay more importance to back links .The google algorithm is mainly based on that .This importance of back links are got spammed & people started Google Bombing . ( Ya ,Google too will commit mistakes - search for failure in Google you will get a President's Name , guess who ?

How you can increase page rank .

  1. Optimized internal link structure .
  2. Avoid Page rank leak -
  3. Links from external web pages , which have related content to your web page .

Optimized Internal Link Structure .

Purpose of Internal link : Internal links make the surfing through the web site easier , place your links logically to make your visitors find the pages easily .Let the links provide an exit to the current page .

While creating internal links to a page ,you should know the keyword you are targeting with that page ,place that keyword in the begriming of that link .

A link to blue widget page should be : Blue widget

Or you can use the page title for the linked text & that pages description

Low Cost Blue widget : Order now low cost blue widget ,this blue widgets are cheaper .

The links from relevant pages will have more PR weightage .

Avoiding Page Rank Leak

Don't place outbound links in pages you want to promote to avoid page rank leak .

When you are linking to another web page your page rank will get leaked , so it is better not to link from a page which you are expecting to get ranked .

Getting links from reputed ,relevant web pages with good PR .

The way to increase page rank is , by getting links from high PR web sites which are having related content to your Web site .

How to find relevant web sites for your Web site .

Search for your targeted keywords & related keywords in different search engines to get pages relevant to your web page . Links from these pages will improve your PR .

Improving Page rank is one of the toughest part in SEO .

How to get links to improve Google PR

1. Organic Links : The links you get naturally ,The links you get due to the quality & usability your Web site -Search engines will give at most priority to organic links .

2 . Article submission : Write articles related to your Keyword topic & submit to article directories ,Don't forget to add links to your Web site in that article . Article directories will distribute your articles to other web sites which have related content & you will get a back link from those sites .

3 . Directory Submission : Submit to directories around the world .Easy to get links ,but it may take a period from few days to several months to get listed .List of directories .

4 . Offering tools to other Web sites - You can offer free tools & service to other webmaster

5. Comments - Use your Web site's URL while posting comments or review in bog ,forums ,& guest books . ( Google won't give much weight age to this type of links ,but other search engines will )

6 . Paid links - You can place links on high PR relevant pages by paying .

7 . Reciprocal Links - Exchanging links , if you do it with relevant site & creatively still it works ,but be careful ,try this method only if you Don't have other methods .


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